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Bench Top Woodworks


Future Project Goals


Tool Wall Updates

Finish placing more of my commonly used tools on the tool wall backer board. This will include many simple, custom holders for each hand tool.


Router Table

I've had plans since the beginning to add a router lift with detachable fence to the micro-shop. It is always extremely handy to have a router in a table for long or repetitive cuts. My rough design includes a fence and clamp system for safe/efficient work holding.


More Dust Collection!

Yes, I'll admit that there are way better dust collection systems out there than the standard shop vac. Unfortunately few are mobile friendly...and most people have access to shop vacs. Better to have some form of collection than none.

I plan to continue optimizing each 

collection set-up for my machines so that you can learn what to and not to do through me.

Some Specifics include:

*over-arm collection for table saw

*under-mount collection for table saw

*band saw collection

*jointer collection

Sanding Holder/Station

A dust collection integrated mount for my bench-top belt/disk sander. Better storage for al of my random orbit, vibratory, belt sanders and paper.

Current Focus:

I'm currently very busy with my full-time job. In my small amount of free time, I've decided to focus on my Blog. Look to see my latest articles posted every 1-4 weeks!

I want to hear your suggestions!

If you have ideas on future projects you would like me to incorporate, feedback or improvements on past projects or just want to chat, contact me above! Please share that feedback on here or on Youtube so that others can learn from the feedback also!