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Bench Top Wood Works, helping you Maximize Your Shop!

Bench Top Wood Works, helping you Maximize Your Shop!

Bench Top Wood Works, helping you Maximize Your Shop! Bench Top Wood Works, helping you Maximize Your Shop!

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Who Am I?

& Why I do What I do!


I'm a Part-time ("Bench-Top") woodworker, I believe that a shop doesn't have to be huge or expensive to create beautiful furniture or crafts efficiently. My goal is to help you Maximize Your Shop, regardless of your space!

Although I wish I could spend more time or money in my shop, I can't. I use bench-top machines, home-made jigs, and an efficient layout in order to maximize the output potential of my  garage shop and minimize the amount of time to set up for each project.

I grew up in a home where making was the norm, so I get my passion for it honestly. I also love to teach others, probably something inherited also... My father (deceased 2018)  was a shop teacher, contractor and builder who loved to tinker and build in his dream shop...and of course teach others about woodworking. My mother is a retired elementary teacher who has a passion for creativity and teaching others. She is full of life and cares deeply for those around her. 

I caught the maker bug early, I grew up apprenticing on job sites, emergency call-outs and in the shop learning everything I could from my father.  When I was 13, I took a job in a hardware store  as a glazier, clerk, groundskeeper and maintenance assistant. I learned to help people solve their problems and enjoyed a discount that helped me feed my passions and make projects more affordable.  I worked there part time until I graduated high-school and on breaks from college and internships.

I decided to study mechanical engineering in college, because of my passions for understanding how things work. I have always enjoyed building, fixing and working on things and have always maintained that as a hobby and out of necessity. 

I also have a passion and love for the people that surround me and the freedoms granted by the wonderful nation that I live in. I spend my working days/hours practicing direct and organizational leadership through my job in the US Army. Soldiers are some of the most inspirational, hard-working and genuine people I have met. I love being one, and being around them. I'm extremely passionate about making sure they have the best training, leadership, and equipment possible. 

I'm a committed husband to my wonderful wife and a father of three crazy boys, so shop time can sometimes compete with family time. Family is absolutely my priority, so I try to keep my shop as organized as possible. This helps me maximize those small windows of time that are leftover to tinker after long days of work and precious time with the family. I look forward to sharing my shop passions with my kids as they grow and I hope they adopt the hobby. I want to be the best father and husband that I can, so from time to time I will step away from both this website and Youtube for periods...sometimes I will have mandatory breaks in content due to my military job, I hope you understand. 

So why YouTube and the Website?

I've become accustomed to having access to certain machine capabilities over the years, that I don't want to go without. During my college and early work years of being without, I saved for and purchased smaller bench-top versions of many woodworking machines. My goal is to not limit the size and quality of projects I can build in my small shop, despite being restricted to small machines & limited space and time. 

Because of my job, I'm required to move every few years. For anyone that has ever moved machines around, or ever moved a know it is not fun. My shop is deliberately designed around the constraint to move every 2-3 years. For every shop project (and home furniture piece) I must consider disassembly, organization, weight and efficiency. I view it as an engineering challenge and it also helps to keep me honest in my goal to build the most space-efficient shop possible. About 8 years ago, I developed the layout design sketch for my current setup. I was encouraged to share my design via Youtube by a few friends that appreciated my design ideas and thought you might too! I began my channel to share my process when I finally had the means to build it in late 2015. 

Typical projects include:  

  1. Shop Projects
  2. Micro Shop machine mounts
  3. Router table accessories
  4. Machine builds
  5. Special fixtures
  6. Shop Jigs
  7. Custom dust collection
  8. Organization and convenient solutions
  9. Shop improvements 
  10. Furniture items 
  11. Small house-hold items/crafts Repair of house-hold items 
  12. General Woodworking and design
  13. Shop Machine and Safety Instruction

My Guarantee

I guarantee to provide you with my best information to help You Maximize Your Shop! I will share my woodworking projects, lessons learned and provide the most genuine and helpful videos that I can to all of you. Sometimes my job gets in the way of my hobby and I won't be able to edit or share updates for extended periods of time (like a 9 month deployment). Please don't let that deter you from keeping up with what's going on here, or over on my Youtube channel. I have a passion for learning, teaching, engineering and design and will strive to share as much of that as I can in my spare time! 


Contact Me

Contact me with questions about past projects, recommendations for future projects or refinements, or if interested in partnering in what I do.

Bench Top Woodworks

Columbus, Georgia, United States


Monday - Friday: Generally closed.. but active on Social media

Saturday - Sunday: Closed or posting a video

...doing this whenever able!

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