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Who Am I?

& Why I do What I do!


I'm a Part-time ("Bench-Top") woodworker, I believe that a shop doesn't have to be huge or expensive to create beautiful furniture or crafts quickly. Although I wish I could spend more time or money in my shop, I can't. I use bench-top machines, home-made jigs, and an efficient layout in order to maximize the output potential of my  garage shop and minimize the amount of time to set up for each project.

I grew up in a home where making was the norm, so I get my passion for it honestly. I also love to teach others, probably something inherited also... My father is a retired shop teacher, contractor and builder who loves to tinker and build in his dream shop...and of course still teach others about woodworking. My mother is an elementary teacher who has a passion for creativity and teaching others. She is full of life and cares deeply for those around her. 

I decided to study engineering because of my passions for understanding how things work. I have always enjoyed building, fixing and working on things and have always maintained that as a hobby and out of necessity. I also have a passion and love for the freedoms granted by the wonderful nation that I live in and the people that surround me. I spend my working days/hours practicing direct and organizational leadership through my job in the Army. Soldiers are some of the most motivated, inspirational, and genuine people you  will ever meet. I'm also extremely passionate about making sure they have the best training, leadership, and equipment that can be provided.

Because of my job, I'm required to move every few years. For anyone that has ever moved machines around, or ever moved a know it is not fun. I'm also a little too used to having access to certain machine capabilities, so I've saved for and settled on smaller bench-top versions of most machines. My goal is to not limit the size and quality of projects I can build in my small shop, despite being restricted to small machines & limited space and time. My shop is deliberately designed around the constraint to move every 2-3 years for work. For every shop project (and home furniture piece) I must consider disassembly, organization, weight and efficiency. I view it as an engineering challenge and it also helps to keep me honest in my goal to build the most space-efficient shop possible.   

Typical projects include:  

  1. Shop Projects
  2. Micro Shop machine mounts
  3. Router table accessories
  4. Machine builds
  5. Special fixtures
  6. Shop Jigs
  7. Custom dust collection
  8. Organization and convenient solutions
  9. Shop improvements 
  10. Furniture items 
  11. Small house-hold items/crafts Repair of house-hold items 
  12. General Woodworking and design

My Guarantee

I guarantee to share my woodworking projects, lessons learned and provide the most genuine and helpful videos that I can to all of you. Sometimes my job gets in the way of my hobby and I won't be able to edit or share updates for extended periods of time. Please don't let that deter you from keeping up with what's going on here or over on my Youtube channel. I have a passion for learning, teaching, engineering and design and will strive to share as much of that as I can in my spare time! 


Contact Me

Contact me with questions about past projects, recommendations for future projects or refinements, or if interested in partnering in what I do.

Bench Top Woodworks

Columbus, Georgia, United States


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